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I bought a founder package a few week ago and now the second beta is opening up this weekend. I hope it runs nicely on the laptop that I am using right now it would suck if it didn’t. I will say this I did install the simple character creator to test it out and it runs so I have hope. I also beta tested Blade and Soul which I liked a lot, so I am going to build a beast of a machine to play all the games I bought into.

At this time, I have these games that I want to play on a regular:

  1. DOTA2
  2. XCOM
  3. Blacklight Retribution
  4. Ghost in the shell – online
  5. Blade and Soul
  6. Black Desert Online
  7. Counter Strike: GO

I have other games to but those are the ones that I really want to play on my computer. I do have a PS4 but I lost interest and at this time I am waiting for PARAGON beta. I am going to be posting my build list and a photo of my parts when I get them all.  I think I will record the build and take photos to just share the build.

Well I was sent an invitation to play ESO for a small period of time, I am guessing that they updated some of the things that just wasn’t working when I first try the beta a year ago. I loaded on my work laptop cause I don’t have space on my pc and it seems to run smooth with even all my work apps running. I am guess they worked on optimization a bit. This would allow for more people to give the game a try and open the door for more users. Well going to post maybe some photo and video if possible.

Until next post..