Here is an other project that I am working on, UNREALIRCD this is a IRC server that can be ran on a Linux server or Windows server. To be honest it can run on a desktop but I would like to start my own IRC network which will be used by friends, family and clients.

At the end of the day I would like to open the server/network to the public. I have a forum that will work well with this service. I will update more about this when I start to work on this.

I am working making this to a blog that I use to speak about the things that i am interested in and the things that move me or inspire me.

Not really sure how well i will do with all this because i am not really a writer or anything close to it but I feel like I do that things that i could share that is respectful and could benefit others.

I think i am going to start on new technology that i find interesting and talk about it and show how it can be used in a daily life setting.

Also I would like to talk about the different things i like and hobbies.

Then if I have the time i would like to start to talk about different spiritual awareness that can be used logically in our day to day life.

I hope this works out…