I am working making this to a blog that I use to speak about the things that i am interested in and the things that move me or inspire me.

Not really sure how well i will do with all this because i am not really a writer or anything close to it but I feel like I do that things that i could share that is respectful and could benefit others.

I think i am going to start on new technology that i find interesting and talk about it and show how it can be used in a daily life setting.

Also I would like to talk about the different things i like and hobbies.

Then if I have the time i would like to start to talk about different spiritual awareness that can be used logically in our day to day life.

I hope this works out…

Well I must say I was very interested a few years back when I heard of this company making an open source 3D printer. I was lucky enough to be gifted the money to purchase it. I have a few photos of the build process and those are the ones listed below. At this time the project is on hold do the learning curve (no time) to configure the prep the system.

They have forums and other places to look for help but due to the fact that I could change the setting and the build no one printer will be exactly the same.

RepRap – Ormerod2 album