Let me start here I had 2 cases from this company back in the early 2000’s. I sold both cases because i needed space and I want to buy something else.

Now being a Dad and a husband spending money on my hobby isn’t the first thing but this case that I have linked at the bottom will make me do some budget adjustments just to get the funds allocated for this purchase.

I use to spend a lot of time and money building computers and servers. I am going to try to get back into it and maybe post some left over computers that I still have in storage. Might sell them off.

I joined this gaming community to find out about new parts and computer build and i ended up joining their giveaway. At this time I have never won but I notice that from time to time I would post it to my G+ page, I would get one or two people to join from my link.  I don’t have Facebook anymore and I deleted my twitter.  I don’t use Tumblr anymore either so I guess I decided that I would at less start posting it on my domain site.

They state on the community site that it raises the chance of winning if people join off your link. I really no longer have the social media that I once had but I will use the ones that I know i will never deleted.

Gaming Tribe Giveaway “The Maximum Fury”

Well I decided to start a site for a Clan i made on PS4. It is mainly for Dads that play the game cause at times for those of you that know it is hard has hell to find the time sometimes to play but like all things in life you got to plan and set aside the time if you want to get things done. So this site will be added to my domain and a link made on this site.

Here is an other project that I am working on, UNREALIRCD this is a IRC server that can be ran on a Linux server or Windows server. To be honest it can run on a desktop but I would like to start my own IRC network which will be used by friends, family and clients.

At the end of the day I would like to open the server/network to the public. I have a forum that will work well with this service. I will update more about this when I start to work on this.